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Outbound Cargo Storage 6/14/20

Effective June 14th, 2020

If Shipper requests Carrier to store cargo prior to an outbound shipment; or any cargo not shipped due to lack of proper shipping documents, a Storage Charge shall apply as follows (See Note):

To:  Bahamas; Turks and Caicos (Ports)


Up to 35CFT each Plt/Pc/Bdl/Crt/Skd,etc:

$0.15 Per Day (per cubic foot) Minimum $25.00

Over 35CFT each Plt/Pc/Bdl/Crt/Skd,etc:

$5.00 Per Day (per unit)

Boat/Trailer:  $25.00 Per Day (per unit)

Car/Truck: $25.00 Per Day (per unit)


$25.00 Per Day (Carrier owned equipment)


$25.00 Per Day (Shipper owned equipment)

Heavy Equipment: $50.00 Per Day (per unit)


Note: Storage Charges accrue after 15 calendar days.

Carrier reserves the right to offer shipper a flat fee as a settlement for shipments in which acquire an excess of $500.00 in storage charges as per above declared rates. In addition, any cargo in our facility left after 30 days will be deemed abandoned therefore eligible for auction to recover expenses incurred by Carrier.