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Hurricane Dorian Response Preparation

SEACOR Island lines (Island Lines), alongside the wider SEACOR family of companies, stands with its friends and the many communities in the Bahamas who have been so devastatingly affected by Hurricane Dorian. We are actively monitoring the storm’s progress as it threatens the east coasts of Florida, Georgia and South Carolina.

With events still unfolding, Island Lines is working to formulate a coordinated response plan as quickly as possible. This includes communicating with our locally-based agents and Bahamian government agencies to fully understand the situation on the ground, develop partnerships with Bahamian and U.S.-based agencies and NGO’s for the disbursement of relief supplies via our marine logistics network in Ft. Lauderdale, and determine how we can best lend our expertise to address the immediate and long-term needs of those Bahamians whose lives have been so critically affected by the hurricane.

We have been gratified to find that there are many people generously reaching out to us with offers of support for the people of the Bahamas. Through a carefully coordinated plan we hope to optimize these relief efforts and aid those most in need. We will continue to update you as these initiatives develop over the coming days.

Island Lines has a long history of servicing the people of the Bahamas and will work tirelessly to support our Bahamian employees, friends and business associates in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Dorian and are committed to continuing our support during the long and difficult recovery process that lies ahead.