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Charter Services

SEACOR Island Lines offers charter services across a range of landing craft, offshore support vessels, barges, and container ships. With our fleet and crews, we can transport you and your cargo to most islands in the Caribbean.

In addition to calling at established ports and landing sites, the fleet includes highly maneuverable vessels with a range of capabilities and capacities, designed specifically for restricted navigation areas and sites with limited infrastructure.

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Beach Landing

Many smaller islands have few if any dock facilities, which isn’t a problem for SEACOR Island Lines. With a draft of 7 feet, our fleet of agile landing craft can land right on the beach.

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Ship-to-Ship Operations

Our landing crafts and offshore support vessels are highly maneuverable allowing us to move alongside larger vessels for cargo delivery.

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Crew Experience

SEACOR Island Lines is manned by crews of experienced seamen intimately familiar with every island in the Bahamas and Caribbean.

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