Safety Goal: ZERO Incidents

As part of the SEACOR family of companies, SEACOR Island Lines maintains an unyielding commitment to safety and the environment. The core values of safe operations and the protection of the environment are not just priorities; they are the foundation upon which the Company operates.

At SEACOR Island Lines safety is a critical part of how we do business every day. Our commitment to a strong safety and health program is an ongoing process that we strive to live up to every day.

As part of our safety program, we conduct regular safety training with our employees and authorized contractors, encourage active safety program participation, and conduct safety audits and inspections to identify and correct hazards.

The use of personal protection equipment is required for all employees and authorized contractors, as well as visitors and customers accessing certain areas of our facilities.

Safety does not happen by accident; it occurs through raising the awareness of our employees, contractors, visitors, and customers; encouraging and supporting the reporting of all hazards, near-misses, injuries, accidents, and incidents; and sharing the lessons learned from these to ensure the elimination of unsafe conditions, practices, and hazards in the future.

The SEACOR Island Lines facilities are a very active warehouse and shipping terminal; please observe these basic safety guidelines at all times:

  • The speed limit is 5 mph at all times;
  • Watch for trucks, forklifts, and pedestrians at all times;
  • Make eye contact with forklift operators and truck drivers when possible;
  • Do not enter areas with active crane operation (terminal); and
  • Wear personal protective equipment (high visibility safety vest & hard hat) at all times in the Dania Beach Terminal and Vehicle Receiving Yard.

Safety First, Safety Always!

Mike Leon
Director, Safety & Security (FSO/CSO)

SEACOR Island Lines