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Sailing Information

SEACOR Island Lines scheduled and charter services deliver throughout the region in all kinds of weather.

This page contains the latest available information on current sailings, including estimated departures and arrivals. To find out when you need to drop off your cargo, click on the button below.

Cargo Cutoff Schedule

Sailing Schedule Update 3/28/2024

Departs FLIsland ServiceDelayedIsland ArrivalVSL/VOYJob #
MondayFreeport, GBI (FPT)_NANANA
MondayHarbour Island, Bah. (HIS)_WednesdaySAX1204001240205-00
MondaySpanish Wells, Bah. (SPW)_WednesdaySAX1204001240205-00
TuesdayFreeport, GBI (FPT)_WednesdayGRX380001240182-00
TuesdayCat Cay, Bah. (CAT)_WednesdayEMX1783001240212-00
TuesdayMarsh Harbour, Bah (ABH)_ThursdayEMX1783001240212-00
TuesdayBaker's Bay (GGC)_ThursdayEMX1783001240212-00
WednesdayNorth Bimini, Bah. (NBI)_ThursdayVNS522001240208-00
WednesdayProvidenciales, TCI (PDT)_SaturdayOEX112001240143-00
WednesdayGrand Turk, TCI (GTT)_SundayOEX112001240143-00
WednesdayFreeport, GBI (FPT)_ThursdayGRX381001240211-00
WednesdayGovernors Harbour, Bah (GVH)_FridayGRX383001240211-00
WednesdayLight House Pointe (LHP)_ThursdayBEX1604001240204-00
ThursdayFreeport, GBI (FPT)_FridayCAP1925001240214-00
FridayMorgan's Bluff, Bah. (MOB)delayedSaturdayCAR1976001240213-00
FridayRock sound (RKS)delayedSundayCAR1976001240213-00
FridayProvidenciales, TCI (PDT)_MondayPEX446001240144-00
FridayCat Island, Bah (CII)_SundaySAX1205001240216-00
FridayLong Island, Bah. (LIS)_SundaySAX1205001240216-00
FridaySan Salvador, Bah (SSS)_MondaySAX1205001240216-00
FridayBerry Services, Bah (GHC)_SaturdayVNS523001240217-00
SaturdayExuma, Bah. (EXU)_MondayEMX1785001240207-00
SaturdayBaker's Bay (GGC)_SundayCAP1926001240215-00
SaturdayMarsh Harbour, Bah (ABH)_SundayCAP1926001240215-00
SundayNorman's Cay_MondayVNS524001240219-00

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